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Origami Sealife! And One September Night Chapter 7. You never know who is Listening.

DSC_4417 After taking a day off from blogging, I decided to make up for it and fold like crazy!   DSC_4449 Behold!   Aquatic creatures!  Mostly….And some birds I guess.  The truth is I actually thought about just cutting and pasting the next chapter, but it was late and I really wanted to at the very least, look it over to see if there were simple quotes and commas missing. DSC_4383  Most of the grammatical errors only happen during the dialog phase of the book.  And…since I folded and listed so much today, I thought I would add them in the post.   No one wants to just read a story on a blog after all.    People love pictures after all!    So enjoy the origami and the story…if you are currently reading it.   Luckily, it is a short chapter..



Chapter 7

    David eyed her skeptically.  “What do you mean?”   He turned down the volume so he could hear her. 
    “I think he might have buried some money in it.” 
    “Really?  Now what would bring you to that conclusion?”  David shifted in his chair to face her.   His face told her that he was far from convinced.
    “Well a long drawn out thought process lead me to ask what kind of thing would anyone bury out in the middle of public land.   Well, something that they might want to hide or store away till certain events die down.   I mean,  come on,  who would bury a something that size on state land in the middle of the night  unless it had something in it.  We both know that it is highly unlikely that he would kill anyone.   So  he must have buried something in it that was very valuable.”   She lowered her voice as she spoke so only David would hear.
    “Or he could have just been burying a big box of junk! “ David speculated, “ What makes you think he has any money  or anything of value anyway?”
    Tracy tossed the paper over to him. “Check out the third article.”
    David read the headline then skimmed the first couple of paragraphs.  “So?”
    “So? He might be in on it.  He might have taken that money.”
    “It says they are still investigating and don’t have any suspects yet.”
    “Right,  He could have just stumbled upon an abandoned truck and just helped himself.”
    “This is Ethan we are talking about.  You really think that he could do something like this?” 
    Tracy paused a moment.  “You know, I believe he could.   He might not be capable of killing anyone but he might be capable of liberating  some money from a armored  truck.”
    “I think it was just a junky old fridge that he was trying to get rid off.”  David waved his hand  believing that he had the real reason.
    “Oh yeah?” 
    “Ok then mister wise guy,  If it was just a junky fridge, then why not take it to some land fill rather than bury it out in the middle of no where in the middle of the night.” 
    David took a quick breath, then paused.  That was a good point!
    Tracy continued, “ And you have not seen him in years  and that was only briefly.  We have not really been in contact with him for over ten years.   I mean,  just how much has he changed over that time?”   She could see she was making progress with David now.
    “He didn’t sound like he had changed that much,”  David defended. “ He sounded perfectly normal to me.” 
    “Is it perfectly normal to wake up a friend in the middle of the night have him help you do something like this?   Does that sound like something he would do normally? “
    David thought a second,  “Well,  yes, he would do something like that,  maybe not often though.”
    Tracy looked frustrated  “You’re impossible!   I don’t think you find this unusual at all do you?  Well  listen up!  This is not normal.   I don’t know why you refuse to see it.” 
    David sighed “Keep your voice down,  the kids are going to think we are fighting or something .”  He paused then tried to think about it reasonably.  “Ok then  let’s say that you are right.  He did bury something in that fridge.  Maybe it was even that armored car money.  What would you have me do about it?  Huh?  It is buried in the ground somewhere  and it is over and done with.” 
    “I just don’t want you to get involved in something criminal.   And if he thinks he can get you to risk your family and lifestyle for nothing.   Then what kind of friend is he?  I just don’t want you to get into trouble is all.”
    “I won’t get into trouble.  Look the deed is done.   What is the point in knowing what is in there now  after the fact?   What if there really was a body in there?   Do you want me to go dig it up and reveal it to the world? Or the money.   What if the money  or something like that  was in there.   What is he going to say when he digs it up in and it is gone?   I will look really suspicious then  won’t I?  I say  let sleeping dogs lie.”  David turned back toward the television
    Tracy paused for a moment then thought it through.   It was true  that now,  if they dug it up,  it might really raise some red flags.  The thought that her theory might never me confirmed was frustrating.   She could almost care less about the money,   She just wanted to see if her theory was right.  She hadn’t really thought what the consequences might be if she really was right.   She began to see the logic in David’s reasoning.   They didn’t want to get involved  was the bottom line.   If there was money in there,   David was the only other person that knew about it  and that would really make him look guilty.   And if there was a body,  Well, seeing a stinky corpse was not really a great idea either.  Then the thought came to her.
    “What happens if someone else finds that thing?”
    “That won’t happen,  we buried it pretty good.” 
    “Well if someone knew there was something in there and finds it,  then Ethan will probably think it was you.”
    “He should have thought of that before burying it on public land where anyone could find it.  And besides,  unlike you, I’m sure it is just junk.”  David turned up the volume again. 
    Tracy decided that the case of the buried refrigerator would never be solved.   She would never know where the thing was buried and David would never want to dig it up and open it.  She thumbed through her paper once more, then set it down and started to watch television. She hoped that David would settle on one channel, and that the channel was not the history one.  The cat emerged from the bedroom hall,  brushing up against the wall as it entered the living room.  Behind him, A door closed quietly.

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