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Origami Buffalo’s and Beetles. Oh! And Chapter 6 One September Night

 DSC_4351 In addition to the many other things my busy day requires, I have been folding. DSC_4379 ( Inside joke!  I’m actually quite lazy during the day) Over the last several days, I have been folding quite a bit, but only have a few things of “worth” to show for it.   But since this blog was mostly about folding ( actually…carving…remember?  )  I’ll post the origami and then cut back to the book.   Not that anyone will wade through all 50000+ words.  ( the minimum for a story to be considered a novel….or so I have read somewhere) 

Still,  It’s better to have this thing out there in the ether rather than the dusty floor of an apartment somewhere in Iowa, right?   We shall see…and thanks for stopping in and checking out the origami…or the story…..if you are currently reading it that is.  Enjoy!



Chapter 6

armored_truck_robbery     Tracy thumbed through the paper for another mystery that she could solve.   She found the armored truck heist and reread it.  Believing that maybe she could spend some of her imagination and detective skills to crack it.  Apparently there were fewer facts  in this story than the Jamie disappearance.  All the police knew was that the truck was stolen with an undisclosed amount of cash.   The authorities did not know if it was an inside job  but they believed that anyone could have pulled it off.   They just had to be at the right place at the right time.  
    Tracy guessed that the FBI and other local authorities deliberately left out key pieces to avoid false confessions and tip off the criminals  to how much evidence they actually had.  She flipped the page and continued to read, Imagining what exactly went down.   Possibly the criminal might have been a team of highly skilled thieves that had mapped out the capper for months.  Or, on the flip side, the criminal might have been a lone opportunist that saw an unguarded  Brinks truck filled with cash with the keys in the ignitions and the engine running.  Sometimes the best criminal acts were done out in plain sight in front of everyone.  
    Of course the most probable explanation was that the Driver or someone in the company had something to do with it.  They would know the lay  out, the security, and the amount of  cash found on a typical run.   They would also know if the money had been marked.  If it was,  how much and what to look for.   The amateur would not be privy to this information and would most likely get caught as soon as they tried to spend some of the money
    David flipped the channel back and forth between shows during the commercials.  He was watching a documentary about the ocean floor and a biography of some world war 2 General.  Tracy wondered how he could change gears so rapidly and not lose his place. 
    Whitney and Samantha had finished the dishes and quickly snuck through the living room towards their bedrooms.   They were whispering to each other.   At first glance, Tracy found that slightly odd  since it was common knowledge that they hated each other.   Then again they were girls and both were approaching that young adult phase. 
    What would someone do with all that money? Possibly millions!  Tracy thought to herself as she continued to play out the ’perfect crime’ in her head.  Well you could put it in the bank  but that might look suspicious  walking in with a bag full of money.  Possibly several bills  with consecutive serial numbers.    That was the sure fire way of getting caught. 
    You could go to Vegas!  But you would lose most of it in the gambling. untitled   Not to mention most of those casinos are rigged with thousands of cameras with the latest in photo identification technology.   If the money scanners picked up a marked bill and could trace it back to a picture,   they would have a pretty good idea who to find for questioning. Tracy had seen shows of how the system all worked.   If was staggering!  Somehow Hollywood movies had not gotten the memo because  several movies had come out making it look very easy.  Real life, as usual, was quite different from the big screen world.
    There was the mob money launderers.  But if you were just someone off the street that accidentally found a large sum of money drop in your lap, this might be a seriously risky choice. First of all  Tracy knew no one with any mob ties.  And, putting herself in the shoes of the person with the loot, would probably not want to risk a concrete grave to get your money clean.  From the sound of it, the mob would just kill you and take all your money.   Bad deal.
    You could put it in a safety deposit box  in a bank somewhere.   Again you run the risk of getting noticed by bank cameras when you lug in several bags of money into the vault.   
    There was the off shore account but does anyone really know how to set one of those up?  And would they scan your money or inspect it  in any way to offer suspicion? 
    She reasoned that if the person had somehow found the money and had not planned  the whole thing,  yet still chose to ‘accept’ the good fortune that life had dropped on them.  The harsh reality of getting caught might become overwhelming.  If one had managed to get this far with the money and had not gotten caught,  then that same person, thinking clearly at this point,  might simply hide the money till  the story had dropped off the front pages.  Maybe the statute of limitations would run out and anyone who found the money could then claim it as their own.  This plan is sounding better every moment. 
    treasure-map But where would one hide such a large  sum of money and not be tempted to dip into it  or tell anyone else about it?   Tracy looked around their house imagining the perfect place.  The attic, the basement, some lost, hidden, or unused closet?   All these places had their drawbacks.  First, if there was a fire,  the money could all be lost  and you can’t really claim on your house insurance that you had a couple million dollars hidden in the attic just before the house caught fire.  Then there was the discovery issue.   On some average day the meter reader, plumber or one of the kids could stumble on the stash. Anyone of them could be a headache to deal with.   Then there is the evidence factor.   If the stolen money could be traced to your house and your house was searched, and the investigators actually found it in your secret hiding place.  Then you are looking at a very substantial prison sentence.  No,  the logical thing to do is hide it somewhere that would not incriminate you, yet still be hidden enough  so that no one else would stumble upon it.   Tracy was beginning to enjoy her reasoning skills. 
    So where would one hide such a thing?   Tracy suddenly thought of a group of pirates with a galley full of stolen Spanish loot.  ANHY6F The Pirates would bury what treasure they could not divide up  between themselves and make a map to the secret location on an island.  There were no islands here but there was public land that had no security cameras.   State land was a good place.  A place where people could be seen and it would not draw any scrutiny.  A place where hikers, bikers and hunters could freely roam.  A place like Yankee Springs!
    Tracy’s eyes widened.  She looked up from her paper, while pulling it down with a snap.  The paper made a loud crinkling sound.   David looked over at her for a moment  just before flipping off a commercial. 
    “What?   He pointed the remote and switched back to the other program, finding that that station also had a commercial on it.
    “I think I know what is in that refrigerator.  Tracy whispered.

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