Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Origami Hit and Miss….

DSC_4219 So  just when you think you may be “good” at something, DSC_4221 you have one of those weeks or days where everything is going well, but in the end, you drop the ball on the one yard line.    Snatch defeat from the hands of victory,   Lose the game in the last 30 seconds…  Take this Elephant model designed by David Brill.   Things look good, and then,  BLA!  Well I was almost too embarrassed to show it on the blog, but this is where we talk out our problems, DSC_4222 Right?   It is not like I have never done the David Brill version of the elephant.  I thought it would be a relaxing trip down memory lane, instead I became unhinged in the final shaping. DSC_4225 The paper was drying too fast and the shape was not holding where I wanted it to.  

DSC_4230 And that was not all….I won’t DSC_4231even show the Rabbits I had been working on.  DISASTER!  Well,  perhaps I’m a little too harsh on myself,  but I had folded better!  

But then I fold the Greater Horn Bill.   DSC_4234 A wonderful design from one of the Viet Nam boys ( wish I had the name, but I’m to lazy to go in the next room to look it up) From the 50 hours of Origami Book I got this Christmas.   Anyway, the design is SUPER simple and yet has a great artistic potential.   I folded it thee times before I attempted it with better larger paper.  I’m happy  with this one.   Every now and then things go right. DSC_4237  

Other than Origami,  Cheryl has been breaking in the Kitchen before she throws away the remaining unused baking supplies.   She decides to make COOKIES!   Pure EVIL!   We talked about how we don’t even LIKE cookies anymore and yet, I find myself eating them one right after the other.   KRYPTONITE!  DSC_4216

Well, Besides the obvious attempt to sabotage my health, weight loss and cholesterol levels, DSC_4212 She said that the new table was a dream come true for setting the cookies up and having a place to put the finished ones.    It has been fun being in the kitchen and actually eating in the “dinning center”  for a change.   We usually end up eating in the living room coffee table. 

 DSC_4213 It has been nice for the last two days….and then the cold came in this morning.  IT is back down in the 30’s   With a cold strong wind to throw a chill on everything.  I’ll be happy for 60 degree days as the normal next week.   freeimages.co.uk nature images However, I doubt it will stay nice and moderate for long.  Here in Iowa the weather is whatever nature throws at us and it tends to be erratic.  From Serious cold to serious hot!   How about moderate cool with a light cloud cover with gentle breeze to calm?  Is that too much to ask?   Ah well,   we will survive I’m sure.   And maybe I’ll get the folding to come out a little less erratic as well.  We shall see.

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