Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Ikea Sofas!

DSC_4680Not really.   Do you think we have that much money that we would just buy new stuff all the time?  Actually, it has been three years since the red sofas have graced our living room.   However,  they have been showing their age recently with the cat fur, faded color and droopy cushions.

  Time for a facelift!         

                        TA DAAAA!


One of the reason we purchased these Ikea sofas was their design.  We knew from previous experience that sofas get a lot of use and rarely stay in their pristine condition forever.   For that reason, the covers from the Ikea sofas can be taken off and washed  ( try THAT with your Art Van Furniture!).   Which we have done in past years.    However, nothing stops the Sun from fading the color/fabric.   Therefore.   The second reason Ikea sofas are superior is that you can purchase NEW COVERS! DSC_4683 DSC_4685          


These are NOT slip covers.   These are ACTUAL covers that may cost hundreds of dollars to reupholster.  With Ikea, you simply purchase a NEW cover and reassemble the sofa with the new covers on.   So easy, Cheryl and I finished in One hour for both sofas!  ( there were only 8 bolts to mess with for each sofa.  I even had the old assembly parts still in my tool box so I didn’t have to dig out tools!) DSC_4686 

Cheryl wanted to change things up… we went with Gray colors to give it a more of a vintage ‘50’s feel.   The room is not done yet, but the sofas add a big punch!   Even the cats approve!                 


DSC_4689Now all we have to do is deal with the Bookshelves.   Cheryl has plans already in the making.   They sound reasonable, and will add the splash of color that is now missing.  Well,   there still is color in the living room, just not as much of it since the sofas were the main focal point of the room. 

In other news,  SUBIE IS BACK!  I have NEVER been so happy to get my car back as I was this time.   This last week has been utter chaos!  First the landlords car breaks ( and is still broken) then the mechanic shop was nice enough to give us a loaner for Thursday and Friday, but the was “tenuously reliable” at best.   In the end, the cost was not even that much.thCAOU3SJE     Lucky us!   I guess the universe must have thought we had suffered enough this past week.   I hope everyone else is having a better week than we did this last one.   subaru-legacy-b4-photo-6-largeThe Project only will last another couple of weeks so we are looking forward to plan our next move.   Until then,  Cheryl’s birthday is coming up and we will have to see what event will transpire then.   Have a good one!

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