Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Iowa Storms, Floods, Skies, Roads, And STUFF!

02Qld-stormy%20stormy%20night-full%20size  It has been rather stormy of late, and yesterday was the peak of the rainchaos.   It started mid afternoon and began to rain very, VERY hard!  So much so fast that our driveway could not handle the capacity and overflowed; taking most of the landscaping with it.  Cheryl and I still managed to squeeze in a walk between “episodes”.  And then the cycle repeated again.   I’m not sure how much rain we got dumped on us, but my sunflowers took a beating! DSC_4790 They are all bent down and struggling to face the sun once more. DSC_4786   That night, the sky turned a eerie shade of orange around 9 PM

That was rather exciting, but today was the real “scary” part.  

DSC_4803 First, we waited for STUFF to arrive and take the rest of our items to their store to sell. DSC_4797 They were a little late and I thought it might be because of the construction being done on the highway.  Or that they were lost.  

Turns out, they WERE lost and had to call to find our place, but in the end, they packed up all of our stuff and now we await a check when the bookshelves and table sell.   The furniture served it’s purpose for three years and I’m VERY happy with their replacements.  I can finally fold paper without a crease in the middle of my work surface.

After that though, it was lunch time and we decided to head to Iowa city instead of going to Kalona which is much closer.  With the Construction before mentioned, I decided to take the usual back way to avoid the delays and gravel hitting my car.  But, unknown to us,   we were in for a surprise! 

5-27-13 Water over our road The “flooding” that was mentioned was finally peculating down to the river and causing many low lying areas to fill up with water.   Not a big deal in Wellman, but in the country around us,  serious water problems! 361db17f9fe71d58f448c21374ca9f36 At first we just watched as we glided along the road, but then the road ahead had water flowing over the top of it.  It looked shallow enough.  I thought I would give it a go with the all wheel drive SUBIE…..hmm….perhaps not the wises decision. 

Shallow flowing water looks harmless enough, but the water hit the side of my car and splashed over the windshield,  TOTALLY BLINDING ME!   i was pretty sure I would not get washed off the road, but there was the concern that the road might have some hidden hole waiting to swallow me up or wash out totally from underneath me. th2W9CXYH0   Needless to say,  Cheryl and I decided to not try that again and feared we might be stuck in Iowa City until Thursday when the flood watch would be over. 

DSC_4804 So,  surviving the flash flooding,  we recovered and decided to stay at home and fold and sew for the next few days while the water recedes.  In the mean time, I have been getting many requests for Koi as of late and folded up a few more.  I still have to take their pictures and list them in the shop.   Hopefully we will be able to work on them a little more now that Iowa City is off the table for the next few days.  We shall see.  

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