Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Origami Piglet

DSC_5143 Just a quick post on the latest origami.   A Pig…again.    he always manages to find someone who is willing to give him a good home…so I folded him up again.   Plus,  I like this pig.  Enjoy!  We have a big weekend in Minneapolis this Friday.    Cheryl wants to get a feel for things as we consider various next steps in our lives.  We shall see how things work out.  

bloghome_dontstarve_010714 Also…I have been addicted to this gave called “Don’t Starve.”   A fun little game where you have to survive while learning what to avoid, what to eat, and what to build to keep you safe, happy, healthy  and sane!  The best I have managed is 53 days so far….Almost an entire year.   I have yet to live through a summer.   Funny….summers are the worst!   Things catch on fire….you overheat…your crops wither….Anyway,  enjoy the pig pics and if you ever want to play an addicting mentally challenging game…..Don’t Starve! 

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