Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sleeping Animals and Wild Flowers

Today's origami centers around Dinh Truong Giang  and his designs using simple folds and few reference points to achieve pretty cool designs.  I folded up two today….the sleeping dog and fox variation.    I took many pictures, but only the front part was the more striking.  Hopefully I will be working on this desing and seeing if I ca perfect it later.  In the mean time….enjoy the pics.DSC_5503 DSC_5508 DSC_5509 DSC_5526 DSC_5528 DSC_5543   

Also some origami Sheep:

DSC_5462 DSC_5468 DSC_5470










Other than that,  We have started sewing up this years stocking proto types and trying to hash out the details to the new shop offerings.   All the while sales keep trickling in via the stockings and the origami.   Hopefully we can maintain a momentum and make this year the best yet.  There still is much to do.



 DSC_5497But in addition to that,  Cheryl wanted me to post a picture of the wild flowers we have been hunting down along the road side.  DSC_5499Funny, all the cool flowers that are just “there” for anyone to select.   The key is to pick them so they do not wilt or lose color…as several of the flowers we chose today did.  The sunflowers are from the bird seed droppings I put out this spring.  The wind storm blew most of them down, and the birds are eating many of the large ones.  But Cheryl managed to find a few that are in perfect condition and sized right for her vase.   Along with the wildflowers we picked today, the make a nice display.   DSC_5500

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