Monday, July 21, 2014

Origami Buffalo….with Anniversary Pizza!

37928a6a51512c769c454623858c63c1 Our anniversary is always one of those things that you plan big and it ends up being ….let’s say….Less than big.  We spent our Friday/Saturday in the Twin Cities in Minnesota….Not really much to write about.  It was “ok”…But things actually were better AFTER we came back to Iowa. cf5883e07005b3f12f2d9940d2c5d83b Mason Iowa has a Wright House that was giving tours.  Cheryl loves those modernist homes. We did not go on the tour, but decided instead to eat some good food at the an Asian Bar and Grill.   

12271997 We then toured a wool mill somewhere and purchased a 100% wool blanket.   I love wool..   It’s always warm and toasty.


When we finally got home.  We were too exhausted to do much,  but the next day we we made pizza with some Oktoberfest beer by J D Dundees.  DSC_5152The same people who make Honey Brown.   It was good!  And Cheryl says she might actually fight me for the remaining bottles later on.   I’m one of a fan of these beers than Cheryl….she likes the “special ones.”  But it went well with the pizza…..let’s face itDSC_5162…pretty much any beer goes well with Pizza.  

And so it is a lazy day here today.  Cheryl is scoring for Pearson and I am folding a few things.   IT is tough to get back in the groove after a long weekend of travel…but I’m sure I’ll find my stride soon enough.  In the mean time…enjoy the Origami  Water Buffalo.


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