Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sports Fishing…Origami Style!

DSC_5122 Who needs water?   Or a boat, fishing pole, bait, tackle, and a long weekend to travel to some secret fishing spot?    If you want a trophy fish, why not just fold one?   It’s cheaper,  Safer, and will cause you far fewer headaches in the end.  Trust me!  As a former fly fisherman,  I know first hand the small fortune you spend on maintaining that “mystique”.  DSC_5125As a former taxidermist, I used to feel the need to mount most of my trophies on the wall after hours and hours of work and lots of expense.  This is way simpler!  And the cool thing is no fish were harmed during the folding process and no delicate sea life or wetland was damaged in the process.   Now you may be saying,”  Yeah, but you can’t eat it!”   Seriously,   How many people actually eat their fish that they catch?   ( Again,   This is my own personal experience coming in)    Oh, sure!   We clean them and put them in the freezer with the best of intentions to eat them at some special fish fry with your neighborhood friends…..but most likely they are forgotten and end up getting thrown out because they are totally freezer burned.

So, have fun with your exotic fly-fishing vacation that you spend thousands on and it rains the whole time.    Enjoy eating that leathery freezer fish you caught last summer.  I’ll stick with Origami and buy my fish fresh from the seafood section.  ( Farm Raised, Of Coarse!)

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L. D. said...

That is a great looking fish and you don't even have to clean it.


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