Sunday, January 10, 2016

Painting The Apartment PART 2 and 3..

Cold Day in Iowa
Perfect for paint cans!
  Today it is cold here in Iowa.... Really Cold!  So what better way to spend your days cooped up in a small apartment, than to continue with the painting.   Besides,  Menhards has a 15% off bag that fits two to three gallons of paint very easily.   We would be fools NOT to paint the apartment.

Cheryl paints the trim
And makes sure it is good
 Except that it is time consuming and energy draining.   We planned out that we would tackle each additional room similar to the kitchen.... meaning:   Split it into three parts.  That way we do not have to completely rearrange the furniture out of the room and instead can simply slide things over to one side or the other.   Sounded good at the time...
Time to add the light Fixture!
A slight overlap into the living room

We chose the hallway between the bedrooms and bathroom.   A simple task really, since it did not contain any furniture to displace.   I taped up the molding and Cheryl did the edges.   I removed the ancient light fixture and replaced it with a simple modern variation.

Cheryl fills in the holes
There are a LOT of holes
 We accidentally/ intentionally spilled over into the living room,   figuring that was our next room anyway.  We had a bit of spill over from the kitchen as it was.    It is the largest room in the apartment, so I thought we would take a full three days, but it only took two full days to complete it. Lucky us!

What the HECK?
(note the '70's ceiling fan)
  The hardest part was possibly removing the old 1970's vintage ceiling fan from the center of the room.  We are still waiting for it's replacement to arrive possibly next week sometime.

Time for a nap!
Time for the ceiling
  In the mean time,   Cheryl filled in any holes that were hidden behind the picture and the sofa.   The entire wall looked like the back shield of a dart convention.   I tired to paint as much of the ceiling as I could so the next day we could be in a position to complete the entire room.
Now on to the other side of the room
Everything safely behind the plastic
The entire process went pretty smoothly.  The only thing that remains unfinished is the ceiling light.   It's not really that big of a deal since we rarely use the thing anyway.

More ceiling paint...without the fan
For today,   the sub-zero temps kept us in the bedroom.   Looks like the bedroom may be a bit more of a challenge that first thought.   We still have to change out the light and finish the other side.
Hiro and I survey the results

Waiting for replacement light....
 So that is all.   Boring right?   I know because I'm writing this and am bored.   But at least it is something to do on a bone chilling day in Iowa.  And in the end,  the rooms will look, smell and feel brighter and cleaner than before..( hopefully)  and no one will ever know that we repainted the entire thing.
  I would like to think of it as my stealth ninja training.

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