Friday, January 15, 2016

The Death Star In Our Living room.

Yesterday, we took a break from painting and decided to finish up a bunch of little things that remained ....well, unfinished.

For example:   The living room ceiling light.    It arrived yesterday, so I set it as my goal to put it up.  Cheryl is in love with it.   Not that she likes disco, or Star Wars....She just likes that you can adjust the shades to allow just the right amount of light to set the mood.  Also,  She loves that scene where the Death Star Explodes!

Personally,  I thought it looked like the Death Star....and that was all it took for me.   Call me a nerd.   It's probably true...except for the good grades in school. The fact that it explodes is just that much more awesome!   Apparently, other people see the similarity and decided to take an artistic approach,  painting the Death Star stencil on the outer panels.

As for today,   We just finished painting one of the three remaining closets.  There is supposed to be a few things that are going to be rearranged, so we are currently waiting for the paint to finish drying completely....while holding on to things that may find a new home in a different closet.     To much information?  Ah well,  what else am I going to write about?

The weather outside:   Cold!   Yesterday it was in the 40'   Below freezing with a nasty wind chill.   Only in Iowa can the weather change on a dime like that.  ( I know, I know ... Everyone thinks this about their part of the country..) 
At least in Minnesota, the weather was cold, colder, or "as cold as possibly before hypothermia."    It never teased you with a 40 degree day with sunshine and calm breezes in the middle of winter and then revert back to the season norm.   It does make the coffee and soup taste better though.   Cold weather is good for that.
Hope everyone is surviving their cold snap...if you are currently having one.   

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