Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Breaking 30,000 words!

Finally!  A day with minimal distractions.   I was able to dedicate several hours to actually writing.   I know it may not sound like much but trying to break that lethargic trend was quite a challenge in itself.   Add in that I was in a place that was difficult to navigate...but that all does not really matter right now.
All that DOES matter, is that I managed to put an additional 1200 words in the file and backup.   And now I'm in a better position to leap off of for the next scene.  I'm kind of excited about the next scene, because I have been thinking about it forEVER!  a part where the people who are supposed to be there to help...are revealed to have other sinister motives...

So....full speed ahead on the book writing..with January nearly over.   I am still getting emails from the Novel society urging me onward to completing the story.  We shall see how things turn out....but for now....30,000 + words!  ( actually 30,541 words..I think)

The cold continues today.   Cheryl and I managed a short 2 mile walk in  this cold.   It warmed slightly when the sun finally came out ( after we were finished with the walk) and there was not much wind to have to deal with.
  With no additional project on the horizon Cheryl has taken up detailing the Subaru with small brushes and washing techniques. Perhaps when the weather warms up more,  she will be able to make Subie look young again.

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