Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Years Day IKEA visit.

Old Table
Traveling to IKEA....Sun in the face!
Yesterday,  we decided to bring in the new year with a spontaneous Ikea Visit.    The Idea hit us when we discovered that the Coffee Table we have had for several years now, desperately needed to be replaced, and the only table we found acceptable cost way too much to have delivered.   So,  we fired up the Subie and headed out.
Sun Rise in Iowa

Bribed with Donuts
The mornings in Iowa can be nice,  if you are willing to get up that early,  however,  being bribed with Dunkin Donuts is  always a prime motivating factor.

Cheryl's Tune to drive
We headed over the Mississippi to survey the limited flooding by Davenport.

Davenport Flood?  Not really.
 I guess St, Louis is getting hit a little bit harder by the rising river.  I wanted to capture several eagles flying overhead, but they only turned out like small dots in the sky.   There was a place where there were about 20+ eagles standing on some ice, but I could not capture them with the camera.   High speed and trees and brush obscured the picture.

Arrive at IKEA
Finally arriving at Ikea, we headed straight for the table,  bought  it, and crammed it into the car.   Luckily, it fit just we headed back in to have some lunch and look around for a few other add on's that might have caught our interest.   Cheryl said we also needed a kitchen light and a new mural for behind the couch in the living room .  They were not pressing, so if we did not find anything we liked, we could just skip out of them.

Heading Home Early
We settled on a lamp and a well as some smaller things.   The Kitchen lamp was far less expensive than one Cheryl had her eye on from CB2. I love saving money!

Blinded by the sun...Again!
While Blinded...Watch out for DEER!
We tried to make it home before the sun set....which was a challenge... because the sun was pretty much in our face the entire trip!   Blinded by the setting sun meant you had to be extra cautious about Deer... like these guys... right by the highway!   I remember last time we came back from IKEA and a deer ran into the side of the Subster.    We did not want to repeat that event.

Let's Add the Goodies!
Instructions?   Who needs those?
Finally home,  Cheryl was feeling energetic and eager to remove the old and get the new up and running!   We assembled the new coffee table and put up the Mural behind the couch before we ran out of steam.

Cheryl helps with the legs.
By the way,  Cheryl says the camera adds 10 lbs.   In my case, it looks like it added 40!   Time to head to the pool to do more laps!

The New Kitchen Light
Luckily,  the table was easy to assemble,  And I did not have to curse, throw things or break anything in the process.  Unlike today...

Finished Light with background
bathroom Mini Cabinets installed
Today we put up the kitchen light and that kind of hit me in the wrong way.   Cheryl managed to salvage the situation a bit so we could finish it without any permanent damage or loss of limbs.

The Bathroom mini cabinets came and we installed those as well.  They were far easier to deal with.

So that is all!   A couple of minor changes and a day of travel.  Subie took on Chicago like a champ and it all worked out.
Hungry Cat tries to help
Hiro the cat, it trying his best to help my with my weight loss, by eating the snacks I bring into the Living room.    Our New Mural is more blue and cool than green and leafy.   I will possibly miss the old mural, but Cheryl says we can always purchase it again if  we get bored of this one.   I actually like the new items so chances are that could be quite a while. 
The Finished Room.  New Table and Mural.

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