Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Painting the Apartment...PART 4 & 5....Nearly Finished

Bedroom Day one
Bedroom day one
  So it has been a couple of days, but we wrapped up the last room this evening.   Honestly,   This project sneaks up on your tolerance threshold.   What started out as a "challenging project"  to keep Cheryl's Mind off of the cold and inability to run,   and evolved into something...different.

bedroom Day 2
Bedroom Complete w/ New Light
Ok,  Let's just say I'm happy to finally be done with all of the rooms.   The only thing left are the closets and those will require much less effort and labor as the rooms.   Also,  the closets do not have any furniture or trim to worry about.


Spare Room Day one
Spare room day 2
Well,   what else is there to say about painting an apartment....or even the rooms.  I was able to replace the light fixtures... and  several of the old wall outlets left over from the Great Depression....  AND managed not to start a fire or electrocute myself.... something I'm personally very proud of.  

Luckily..Not Me
Finishing touches
The Spare bedroom/  work room was smaller, but had a bunch of junk on the walls that had to be removed.   As I'm writing this, that room is still a mess because the paint has not fully dried in certain places.   Perhaps we will put everything back tomorrow.....Unless Cheryl is feeling energized. 

Yesterday was one of those great days where lesser people... Like myself,   Would have re-evaluated their priorities...and  possibly called off that days plans....  

Cheryl Leading the Charge!
But Cheryl is of a different caliber than the rest of us mere mortals.    Cheryl "soldiers on" in the darkest of nights when hope is all but completely lost!   When Girly men cry uncle and want to curl up in a corner and cry...Cheryl musters her forces along with her own will to succeed where others are bound to fail.....I could go on...but you probably get the idea.

Stale Donuts at Dunkin
After a disappointing trip to Muscatine, Iowa to  fine a matching room light for the bedroom....things began going south.   First:   the positive.....   We found the light.   Then....

The Cold made it so much fun!
The HyVee did not have Cheryl's standard lunch item(s)   Any of them!   I, at least, lucked out with a bowl of chili.   Next.  Dunkin' Donuts served us stale donuts!   Stale as in...BAD.   Perhaps Muscatine does not have the turnover rate to keep the donuts Donuts. 

Then....we get a flat tire....somewhere between "I don't know where we are" and "I think we are too far to turn back".   I had to change the tire in a balmy 8 degrees above zero.   Luckily,   a Johnson County Sheriff stopped by to offer me a bit of visibility and conversation as I changed it along the barren, wind swept landscape.  Changing tires in Iowa is always fun.  
The Joy of Changing tires!
No matter what the weather is.   I must say,  with all the tires I have changed here,  I've gotten quite good at it.  Sometimes...on any given Sunday,  I simply drive around in the hopes that I  will be able to change a tire.  
At this point,  I'm willing to call it a day and simply be happy when we replace the tire....But not Cheryl.    Like an Egyptian Task Master,   we push onward to paint half the room.    Then we realize that one of the outlets still requires changing.   It's these little things that build up.   Jump in the car,  drive to Kalona with three minutes to spare,   Buy an overpriced outlet and install it.    Somehow, we managed to complete the room while still being married.   ( An over exaggeration.....for the sake of comedy.)  
Light Fixture in Stocking room.

So that is all.    The rooms are painted,  the lights are new and shiny, and the outlets all match!  YEAH!   I never want to do that again.   We shall see what the Closets will require.   I'm still hoping they will not require much in the way of time, effort or expense.   We shall see.

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