Sunday, June 5, 2016

Birthday Beer and Bear Cookies

Just kidding about the beer...  Cheryl said she only wanted to drink it on her actual birthday.   However,   today was spent making the "birthday treats" for college board.    A relaxing day with Rilakkuma cookies.
It was really a wonderful day today.   Warm in the sun, cool in the shade.   Perfect time to enjoy as much outdoor time as the afternoon would allow.   I believe we spent more time outside than inside,  which is a rare treat.
Not Hiro, But similarly cute. 
 While outside,  I discovered that the Camera miraculously healed itself ( although temporarily)  and I was able to capture Hiro with a Chipmunk, a rabbit, and Cheryl all in our yard!    It is unfortunate that the Hiro Pictures were deleted by accident,  because the chipmunk was cute.  ( Luckily,  he did not hurt it and I was able to save it before any serious damage was done.)

Then it was baking time!   Cheryl has had it in her mind to bake Rilakkuma Cookies for work.  It was all her baby!   I only helped with the last tiny step.   Cheryl ended up making and baking all of them from start to finish.   Probably a good thing, since she had in her mind what she wanted and I would have only distracted her with my input.

There were, as always, a few dud cookies.   I personally love the dud cookies...because we get to eat those right away.   However,   Cheryl sees them as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin cookies... and .....urges me to eat them right away!
Comrade Furer cookies

Looks like Cheryl will have to go in to work alone again.   No table leader position for me means I have Mondays off.    I still will probably tag along with her and possibly ride my bike while I wait for her to finish.   I'm not sure what the table leaders are going to do for this first time,  Possibly just a formal meet and greet.  I'm sure I will find out later.

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