Monday, June 20, 2016

The Franklin Ground Squirrel. A Rare Find.

 We are home today...well I am anyway.   Cheryl ran two miles this morning.  ( marathon damage after all!)  and is currently at work.   I'm being a bum, nursing a sunburn, and making sure the cat gets as much "kitten time" as required to earn his forgiveness for abandonment.
 So...with my new found time...I could try to put the new axial on my bike...but that sounds like a lot of work...possibly in the dangerous outside...where the sun looms in a constant state of ambush...

Better to fix the minor spelling and grammatical errors in yesterday's post AND show off the cute pictures of the Franklin Ground Squirrel!

I guess he was a rare spectacle in Duluth.   They are sorta, kinda "common" by the welcome center where we stopped, but they are not found anywhere else.    We both noticed that it was an odd little creature that did not fit inside our typical "rodent" library.   Luckily,  he was pretty friendly, and allowed us to get close enough to capture some clear photos.

We also took several pictures of the city before we departed.  The new camera was awesome here since I could zoom in on the foggy city from the overlook without paying 50 cents to use one of those touristy binocular stands.  Call me cheap if you must....but we paid way more for the camera.   I'm glad it is earning back it's price tag.

Other than that.   I plan on saving the earth from Alien invasion for the remainder of the day.   Earth can never remain safe for long...and I have been obviously sidetracked this weekend.
 My pixillated men rely on me to send them into battle and  not get them blown up.   It's a huge responsibility....and I  usually don't take responsibility seriously.

Enjoy the "informative video" about the squirrel.   So next time you can  impress your friends when you go out west and see one of these guys.   You'll be the only know who notices it is NOT a prairie dog.

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