Friday, June 3, 2016

SAT Qualify And Cheryl's Packet Pickup, Des Moines Dam to Dam Half Marathon

Much has happened ( well,  for me anyway)  and it is becoming very I will try to be brief and thorough at the same time....hopefully.

So I managed to qualify for the SAT field test today....with a  whopping 100 % in two of the three domains!   ( 80% in Analysis)    That probably means nothing to most people....but just understand,  I kicked BUTT!   I actually feel a slight bit of disappointment as I wanted to ace it....but I'll take those numbers for now.   (Psst!   I beat Cheryl on this one....hehehe)

Needless to say,  I'm having a "pretty good" day so far.    THEN.....( dum dum DUM!) We drive to Des Moines and find out we have been UPGRADED!   To a kind of cool room.   It has a hot tub.   Cheryl is moderately excited about that.   IT also has a kitchen and Duo we no longer have to fight for the water when we shower together.

Na,  I'm just kidding.   We don't actually fight for the water.  We usually take turns when we are both crammed in the stall.....

( That's a joke!   Cheryl refuses to let me shower with her...No matter how much I beg her.  In case people did not pick that up.)

So we already visited the packet pickup and ate all of the free food they had to offer.   It was a pretty good offering this time. (sandwiches, candy,  chips, and other bad stuff)    I heard they even had free beer in the courtyard... But we were so exhausted  that we ducked out before enjoying any adult beverages.   Besides,  I have a couple of bottles of Honey Brown at home.

Cheryl got to try out her shirt;  We are finished with the Hot Tub; and now we have to set the alarm for 4:30 A.M.  for the race to start.   Looks like we would be wise if we retired earlier than usual this evening.   We shall see.

Hopefully I will have more pictures for my post tomorrow.   The race itself will be a linear destination circle this time.  Meaning I will have to drop her off at the start and then quickly race to the finish line to catch her there.   I doubt I will have any mid race photos either.   With the heat predicted to spike at 80 degrees,  the race will be more about time and less about distance.   No one runs well in the hotter temps. It's all speculation at the moment, but I'll have a better view after it is all over.   Wish us Luck!

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