Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gifts From Oregon.

Cheryl received a bunch of Belated Birthday gifts a couple days ago.   Thought I would show them off as we prepare for our long trek up north.   To Grandma's Marathon!

But first.....Cheryl and Wayne share almost the same Cheryl sent him a book and he sent her a bunch of running and writing gear....because writing and running go together.

Cheryl really loves the shirt and now wants to move to Eugene Oregon.  I guess there are lots of trails there.   And there is the entire West Coast to explore for future Marathons.  Let's face it...after Chicago,  there will be very little reason to stay here.  For running, at least.

She also got a package from Julie and Mike.   Cute things and Lip Balm.

Well,  Cheryl is already bugging me to try to pack up something....I guess I should keep this post short.   Wish us luck!   8 hours of drive time with construction on M35...lovely!  I can hardly wait!

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L. D. said...

For years my wife and I would take two weeks and hang out on the north shore. We painted pictures every day. Duluth was always one of our favorite spots as it is so well developed. When wefirst started going there it had rundown old buildings all up and down the canal bay area. I miss seeing the ships coming in and going out. Good luck to your wife. I remember all the markings on the street that them put down for the race.


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