Thursday, June 16, 2016

Packet Pick-Up Duluth Minnesota...With Birds!

 So we have finally arrived in Duluth.   Surprisingly, the trip did not take as long as I had thought.   Or at least it did not seem to take as long as I thought.  However,  after 9 hours of driving,   I was feeling a little cranky.

But just when I thought I would succumb,  we arrived at the expo and I was able to distract myself with some pictures and treats meant for runners.   Once again, we ate all that they had to offer and even managed to sample some Goose Mountain Ale!   I was very happy.

Cheryl had her eye on several things....waffles, stickers, and possibly a new Marathon shirt.  We found them all and posed for pictures before the crowd began getting to us, forcing us to leave.

We headed to the beach!    Where we found our old familiar seaside stand offering Walleye fish and chips.   Sadly,  they no longer had the black cherry beverage we could never find anywhere else.  Possibly the company discontinued it.   Ah well... at $4 a bottle... it was just slightly beyond our price point.   LET'S EAT!

We camped out on the rocks, and then some feathery visitors decided to join us.   Ok,  they were watching... until I offered the first olive branch ,or in this case... French Fry, as a willingness to become friends.

It worked!   With surprising results,  these wild creatures suddenly flocked towards us as if we were long time friends.   Perhaps they were used to this sort of thing... Hmmm.

No matter,  I was able to capture several as they grabbed French Fries out of my waving hand.   Before long...we exchanged numbers and arranged sleep overs....Where we told ghost stories, braided each others hair and exchanged secrets...but that is another story all together.

Cheryl was only concerned that they did not bomb her in her new clothes.  But after the food was gone,  the fun was over and they suddenly left me for another "friend" next to the popcorn stand.   Hmmmph!    I never knew birds made such shallow friendships.   I guess I learned my lesson.

Off to the Pier!   Couple of shots of the lighthouses and lake.  Nothing too fact I did this last year.  The temps cooled off rapidly after the sun dipped a bit.   Also,  we drove an additional 50 miles to our lodging ( same one as last year) right next to the shore.   Although it cooled off to a comfortable running weather,  it is still a tad bit warmer than Cheryl would like.   We shall see how things go on race day.   As for now...we are exhaused and will have a few things to do tomorrow before race day.   After that...we plan on relaxing as much as possible next to Lake Superior.    If you have never seen one of the Great Lakes...I would highly recommend one....especially the farthest northern ones as they have fewer people and more beauty.   As I write this I can hear the lapping of the waves through the open window.   Very calming.     Check them out!

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