Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Tarantula Living in the Hallway

BIG spider under glass. A quick post about our current “spider” problem.  Lately,  these …rather large…spiders have been invading our humble abode.  I have been meaning to blog about them for about a week now…ever since Cheryl discovered one hiding in her bath towel!  She came screaming out of the bathroom…mouth full of toothpaste.   I had no idea what the heck was wrong, figuring that she was choking on her toothbrush or was being electrocuted!   I discovered later that the spider had decided to abandon the towel and instead climb up on Cheryl shoulder.

   A Close up.....Not the cutest greature in Eden.That was a Big spider.   We found it on the couch and released it outside.  (It is a good idea not to kill BIG spiders as they are …”gooey”.   And besides,  we love ALL God’s Creatures…even the big, ugly, scary ones.   Another Spider of similar size was found a couple days later……Hiro was chasing him around the floor. Perhaps it is the change in the season…..

This guys is WAY larger than my thumb. However,  TONIGHT…..I discovered a REALLY BIG spider.  ( ALL CAPS BIG!)  I have not seen a spider of this size outside of a pet shop…The picture does not do it any justice.   It was big a hairy!  Larger than a 50 cent piece! Cheryl has had Phantom Bugs crawling on her ever since she took the picture!  I believe that this spider was either a North American Funnel Spider.  OR a Female House Spider.  I’m “Pretty Sure” that it is not one of the poisonous ones…but I was not going to find out.   He is now “safely” outside in the neighbor’s lawn.  ( Cheryl said take him as far from our apartment as possible.) 

So Now my night is going to be filled with Nightmares of oversized spiders.   They seriously give me the Willies! ( Shudder!)  Don’t get me wrong….I like spiders just fine.  They eat bugs and keep pests in check….as long as they do it outside…and a safe distance away…. 

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