Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to work!

It has been a challenging two weeks. Challenging in that the money is trickling out and we have had to find things to do around here that cost nothing! But that is all about to change as our next project is coming up n Wednesday. The times are such that it is highly unlikely that I will have the opportunity to blog again any time soon. At least for two more weeks. So this is the last time unless I find another library that stays open longer or a computer of my own. In the mean time, a little update on what we have been doing with our time. Basically Cheryl and I have been taking walks and rides around the area to get a better feel for things. On our walks, we discovered that there are a wide assortment of insects that the cars kill as they whip by at 60 mph down these country roads. So Cheryl and I have assembled a few bug displays for the local library. Some kids started it by finding insects around the building and it seems that everyone has been slowly adding to the collection. For us...It's all about the butterflies! We even discovered one that we have never seen before and is a rare southern stray here in Iowa: the Fairy Sulfur! It's cute and we actually saw one flying around so there are more than one in the area. Very cool if you are a lepodopterist! ( butterfly fanatic) In other news, The rain was pretty hard last night and we got 5 inches...flooding a few of the area farms! nothing too bad, but with as much rain as we have had..there was no where the water could go. It's too bad there are no pics to show. Well, Hopefully I'll have a chance to add something, but without the day to day carving like before, there is not much else to say anymore. Have a great week everyone!

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