Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Can Post Pics once again!

Well, after some brainstorming, I found a way to get my camera to talk to the computers here at the library. I was fortunate enough to find the missing translator...A fire wire. Or at least that is the computer lingo for it. I had one that came with the camera, but wouldn't you know it, I got lost in the transit from Michigan to here. Anyway, I have much to blog about as I page through the last several months of pics I have on the camera. I'll also try to take more now that I know I can post them. Other than that, there is really not much new here ( except for us that is! Everything in Iowa is new!) I have been exploring some part time filler jobs to help get us to the next Pearson gig. So far, not much luck. The weather has cooled down and the kids are back at school. ( makes for a very quiet shopping experience at the mall!) I'll start finding more adventures to post about. Hope everyones week is going well!

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