Monday, August 9, 2010

Hooray for Kalona Library!

Well are we just not the luckiest people ever? It seems the the Kalona library stays open longer and later then its Wellman counterpart. And since we have to pass through Kalona on our way home, we have a couple of opportunities to log on each week before they close. So what has happened this week in Iowa? Well probably not much in the overall scheme of things. I turned 40....I guess that is a big deal. I don't feel any more mature...only older physically. ( aches and pains that is) Cheryl and I have found a renewed vigor in searching the roads for butters that have an unfortunate meeting with a fast moving vehicle. And today we stumbled upon a live Polyphemus moth! Since she was alive, I did not want to kill her, so we picked her up out of the rain and put her safely on the wall under the eaves. I have only seen one other one in Michigan and it fell into one of the trout ponds and faded. Cheryl's sister Julie, will be getting married here soon and we are planning on attending so that means another trip to Michigan. At first we were planning on a three day trip, but Cheryl and I are sick of hotels and really just want to get back home as soon as possible. Also we really should not be wasting much money at this point. It should be fun! And we have been looking forward to it all summer, so perhaps I'll be able to snap a pic here and there and post it one of these days. Hope everyone has a great week!


L. D. Burgus said...

First of all, happy birthday mr. 40. That is so young compared to how old you are going to be, ha. We are having an unusual amount of butterflies this year because of all of the rains. I have seen butters here that I have never seen before. The monarch migration goes through Iowa and I don't know it it goes your way. I hope it does, as they are already on the move. Not just a few at a time but many dozens at a time. Take care.

Wood N Goods said...

well, look what I miss when I don't blog for a few months! I hope the move is working out for you - what a leap of faith you made!

Anonymous said...
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