Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing for Battle!

Did the title catch you? I was trying to think of something catchy to describe what we have been up to this week. I believe I have discovered a major breakthrough in the stocking department that has been bugging me for the last couple of years. NAMES! Well, first things first..Chery land I have been relaxing a bit this week, working on our designs and other small details that make our shop what it is. I have been cutting, folding and stamping 'thank you' cards for each order, while Cheryl has been working on some new items and designs. In addition to the tree skirt, she has been creating some wreaths that match her stockings. they look pretty good in my opinion, and it is not really an unknown factor. You see: She made these before and sold them all, but got bored of them and stopped ( similar to the stockings) This year, she has decided to revisit previous successes and work on those instead of creating something from scratch. Additionally, I have been working on the 'thank you's' that Cheryl wants to give out instead of the origami this year. Last year I folded over 400 paper cranes. This year I have over 400 cards with stamped birds on them. I'm hoping they won't last so I can make more. That should mean we have exceeded our sales from last year. And then there are the names. I sample stamped Cheryl's name on some scraps of felt to see how they might look on a stocking. I have been experimenting with placement as well. I personally like them on the toe where they hang level when the stocking is hung on the wall or fireplace. Cheryl wanted me to put the name on a cuff, but it looks TERRIBLE! So I have been put in charge of the names this year. I hope people find them as exciting as I do. At least they are simple enough to do so we won't have to halt production and we have something to offer people who request them. Let me know what you think!

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Malea said...

Not only did your title get me, but so did the picture of the kitty on the tank! Cute...going to show it to my son when he wakes up.


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