Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Origami Pond....

I have been messing around with a little origami here and there. I have been fascinated with fish as of late. I'm not sure what captured me, but I thought that a few gold fish and Koi swimming around would look cool. Unfortunately, I have been rather lazy getting them folded and displayed. I believe you can't rush an artist when the river of inspiration and creativity is flowing slowly. However, I do have a few pics to show off. Perhaps I will trigger another spring of inspiration to gush forth. In the mean time, ACT is proving a tranquil experience. There is nothing like getting into the mind of a high school student to make your hair fall out a little faster. I should look at it with nostalgia, when everything was black and white and the whole world was filled with sunshine and rainbows. Now, My adult brain has a set of dark colors and a healthy dose of cynicism. Not that that is all bad! I still see lots of colors out there, they are just made much brighter when they shine through the darkness. Anyway, enough poetry for one blog entry....Enjoy the Origami Fish!

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