Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Pics for the New Stockings! Also, How to Make a Mantle for Under $20!

So Cheryl has been rather disappointed in her pictures as of late, so she decided that we will fix this problem or go broke doing it! Normally she wants a picture of just the stocking and nothing else. It's rather like a plate of food with no garnish, dinner roll, or fancy China to dress up the meal. However, after combing through numerous Martha Stewart Magazines, she decided that we needed some background. Since we do not have a fireplace in our tiny little apartment, we were forced to either invite ourselves over to our neighbors, or make one ourselves. So Cheryl set out to make one. First she painted a small shelf, then set out setting up a large piece of paper for the background. Hiro Was there to oversee the whole process. I must say, I think it succeeds in jazzing up the stockings. Even though we cut out much of the background, the essential stuff remains and looks good. Also the snow no longer blends into the background like it did previously. As for me, I played an important role in the lighting department. Very, VERY important! I'm a little bummed that Cheryl says I can no longer be the "face" of Allenbrite Studio. At first I thought it was because I needed a haircut or I was wearing my glasses. But she says that I am too "Chatty" with my conversations. Perhaps she is right, I never thought I was a particularly outgoing person, but I do see how I might give out too much information to people asking a simple question. I guess I will have to work on those problems if I want to retain my "assistant to the President of the Company" title. ( It's slightly below vice president....even though there are only two of us I still have not achieved that status yet) Next we will have to work on those Wreaths. Our outside door it rather dirty, so I'm sure she will have to work on that as well.

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