Monday, August 26, 2013

Broken Camera Makes for Boring Blog Posts

Well,  what are you going to do?  Cheryl dropped the camera yesterday, and it's finished.  Just like that!  And we are not talking about a huge drop off the 10th story of a building.  She dropped it from the coffee table onto a carpeted floor.  And that was all it took!  I shudder to think about all the rough handling I gave it when I was taking pictures.  It is a miniature computer after all.  I know...because I did the autopsy on it! 
That's right,  I took the thing apart after we decided it was pointless to try to revive it.  I'm not much of an electronic techie, but I thought I could figure something out after opening it up.  This is why I'm not a doctor...OR a Surgeon! 

"Well Mr. Smith,  Let's cut you open and see what is causing all those problems!"   It's called EPLORITORY SURGURY and I guess it is done from time to time.   Scary stuff!

And there was a point not too far after I got the cover off where I figured I was in unexplored territory.  I managed to get it completely apart and noting looked "broke"  No cracked mother board. Disconnected wires, Bent frames.  Nope,  It just would not turn on.  Battery fully charged, all connections being made,   All switches flipped on and off.  Nothing.

Cheryl read online that this happens quite often.  And the only recourse is to buy a new one.   To get it fixes cot the same as buying a new one..  ( and that is not cheap!)  On the bright side, Target has them on sale from time to time, and our camera is currently down from when we first purchased it a couple of years ago.  Now I know we could purchase a cheaper. more durable one.  But we like the quality of the pics the Nikon gives us...and we already know how to use most of the features.  Tech tends to make these leaps every year, and something as "old" as a camera from 2011 is almost out of date by 2013!

 I Guess it is good to buy new stuff from time to time.   But it is always nice to choose when to upgrade rather than be forced to.  Then again,  I, Like most people I know, probably would hang on to an expensive obsolete camera well past it's usefulness simply because you paid top dollar for it when it was new and cutting edge.  Ah the humanity!

In the mean time,  Blog posts and Origami listings will be halted until the problem is solved....i.e. get a new camera....

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