Sunday, August 18, 2013

So many Dragons, So Little Time

DSC_8258Even though I find my self with days off now,DSC_8280 I still seem to lack the time to make an effective dent in my Origami Shop.   You might be surprised just how long certain items take to fold up.  Anyway, I got a request the other week for some origami dragons.   Small ones….about 8-9 inches long for a mobile idea this client had for her baby.  3 western, 3 eastern dragons.  Simple!DSC_8289 - Copy

Well, I managed to finished about two dragons a day last week and finally got them DSC_8302 - Copylisted in the shop.  It’s a funny thing trying to come up with 6 different designs of the same dragon,  but I managed to do it and I was happy with them.  I thought about setting them aside for her, but I have experience with request.   I thought I would list them and let her know of them so she could purchaseDSC_8310 them only if she liked them.  No pressure, no fuss, no waiting.  DSC_8267 - CopyDSC_8315 - CopyDSC_8321DSC_8329 - Copy

The risk, of coarse, is that someone else would purchase one or more of the set while they were waiting for the intended buyer.   And that is what happened!

IDSC_8334t’s all good, actually.  I would rather sell them to whoever than pressure someone into buying something they are not happy DSC_8344with.   I can always fold up another.  It’s not like these were one of a kind pieces that can never be replicated.   In fact,  I can probably produce the faster this time around because I won’t have to waste time with the concept.  everything is easier the second time around.

So,  I now get to start the week with a sale I have to ship out and a few “other  things’  I have to do.DSC_8407  DSC_8345But I thought I would at the very least post the dragons on the blogvso I would have something to show.   Enjoy!


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