Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Having fun with Origami Pictures.

I have discovered a few things as of late, in the photographing of my origami items for the shop.  That is:   A cool background really helps sell the item.  Or at the very least, gives me something else to focus on in my creations.  I started out with lighting and solid color backgrounds.   They looked ok, but then I discoveres picture paper!DSC_7850   DSC_7854

Picture paper can be found at most scrapbooking stores.  they have a vast range of themes, from cartoon to real life pictures to stylized art.  I grabbed a few sheets of water for my koi pics to make the origami koi look like they were swimming.DSC_7893  DSC_7901However,  backgrounds started becoming limited to the selection in the store.   If I had an idea for some origami with a certain background, I had to find that background, or else revert back to the old standby of solid color. 

BUT THEN…..  I discovered BING image search and our big screen TV!DSC_7908   DSC_7916 

DSC_7917I had fun today taking various scenes with my safari items.  What fun!   I really like how the background almost fools me into thinking that the model is a real animal!  Anyway,  since Windows Live Writer is BROKE and I can set up a photo gallery anymore,  I’ll have to post fewer pics at a listing.DSC_7924  DSC_7933Ahh well,   Enjoy the pics I have selected…and I will continue to wrestle with Live Writer until it is fixed or a break it.  Enjoy!DSC_7936DSC_7944












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