Thursday, August 22, 2013

Origami Camels

Bactrian two hump
It is too bad Windows live writer is messed up.  I have already spent more time than I would like to the problem and all I get is more and more frustrated.

Dromedary one hump
  Anyway,  I have been folding up some camels lately for a request in the shop.  I have found several versions, but ultimately, the two hump version has been the most promising.  Go figure. 

 I liked the single hump ( Dromedary) version, but have yet to get it to turn out right.  And it ends up being too small.  I have to fold it out of a triangle and the largest paper I can find ends up being 20 inches on the legs of the triangle.  I still want to mess around with it as it is a rather elegant and simple model and I tend to overthink and over-fold things.

 No matter.  Enjoy the pics and I hate that Windows Live is messing with me this way.   It was so much more simple to just submit and be done.  Ah well,  Breaking addictions is never easy. 

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