Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me! Sort of…

nails-coffin-pack-largeWell,  It’s my birthday today.  And depending on how you look at it:  It is another milestone in my race against Time,  Or it is another nail in my coffin.  I guess I should look at it as I was able to cheat death for one more year.  I still should have quite a few of these days ahead of me and I should treasure them all.   But, of coarse,  death wins the race eventually, no matter how fast, healthy, witty, charming, rich, poor, old, or even young you are. STORYWORKS-110112-Nonfiction

Have you ever wondered how it was that you even came to this little experience called life?  I mean,  I imagine being a free spirit floating around in the darkness without a care in the world.  Or universe for that matter. Boring comes to mind.  Ever notice that Born and Bored sound alike.  What if God asked me if I wanted to be bored or born 

“What’s the difference?”  I ask.

“Well, bored is what you have right now, and Born…well,  You’ll just have to see.”

Crying-Baby-2-1024x682Given the choice,  I’m sure being born sounds much better than utter darkness all the time.  But then…the next thing you know, you are thrust into a bright light with strange faces staring at you and whacking your naked bottom!  You try to protest, but you can’t speak,  can’t use those limbs you see waving around.  All you can do is Cry…very very loudly!DSC_7947

After a few months,  you gradually forget your previous life as a free spirit and accept your fate.  Take a look at me after only 5 months! DSC_7946 Even after a year, I was beginning to get the hang of things.  People smiled at me and looked forward to my visits.  I was fawned over and perhaps even spoiled a bit.

DSC_7948But then, By age 5….things change.  I have to do things called “chores” and I get yelled at all the time,  I never do anything right and my mom dresses me funny.  Basically like a farmer!  But we don’t live on a farm, we live in the city.  It’s rough!  Kids tease you,  Teachers scold you, Parents either yell or ignore you.  ( I only WISH I would have been ignored more often) And you are convinced you are an idiot… according to your report card.

Ah well,  I guess everyone hits their stride eventually.  It’s too bad it happens this late in the game.  But there is still so much I want to be before that inevitable day.  Like I want to go to Japan!   Speak Japanese!  Live by the Pacific.  Maybe even make lots of money….somehow.  ( Technically, I have been to Japan already,  We landed there while in the Army on our way to Thailand.)DSC_7951 DSC_7950

DSC_7952In the mean time,  I guess I will stay with Origami.  I finished the Water Dragon by Brian Chang.  I think it turned out pretty good since I had to make up the crease pattern and work with dry cardstock.DSC_7949  It also required much glue! Cheryl was nice enough to take some quick shots of him so I could post something on the blog. crazy-photographer-3406410 I’m thinking she should take all of my pictures from now on! 

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