Thursday, October 3, 2013

ACT Qualified! And Origami Dino’s

qualifiedSo, another Qualification test passed.  It was a nail-biter for a few moments there.   I simply find it too boring to be a first time go.  I must love to add some spice to my life  by relying on the second qualification set.  But it is over now, and I passed!  YEAH!


In other news,  ACT scoring cuts into my Origami time.   This makes me a little grumpy, and Cheryl can attest to. We also have been selling quite a few stockings as of late.   I’m beginning to feel the crunch of Christmas already.   Which, is a good thing.


And then there is the origami.   I have been working on many things, but I wanted to see if I could get this Windows live to work again.  We shall see if it does.  If you do not see any pictures then I have once again failed to get it to work properly.  we shall see,

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