Thursday, March 20, 2014

And Now for Origami

DSC_3849 Finally!  I have enough stuff folded to list on the Etsy store.   I can’t tell you how challenging it is to actually fold when you have the vast world of origami at your fingertips.   ( Is that a pun?  We’ll go with it.)   you see,  Cheryl always wants to go to Iowa City for lunch…and that takes out about 2 hours in the middle of the day. DSC_3860   Not really a problem for anyone who is capable of inspiration on demand….But I’m not one of those people.  My inspiration comes like a spring flood.   ( I really should not use that as a analogy)   The moments happen and you have to be there to harness all that energy….or else it is lost and the growing season is stunted by the hot summer heat.  Anyway.   Here are some of my latest items.  

DSC_3930 The truth is I have been folding quite a bit..but I seem to be in the phase of self loathing.   You know…where you hate everything you fold.   It’s “ok”  but not worthy of listing in the shop…so  I end up giving it away at the local Bookstore or Coffee house.  OH!   That reminds me I received my Business cards today.  DSC_3907 I can’t wait to start a campaign to leave them with small origami on various tables across America!  Perhaps I can even get some people to give me a sale or request from time to time.  We shall see. 

In the mean time,  we had to spend the lions portion of the evening filling out forms for our new employer.   It’s another temporary scoring gig but this is not ACT.   Instead this is another service and I believe this is their maiden run!   Hopefully things will work out for us as we have to submit to a background check and possibly a drug screen.football_scoring_a_goal_IS098U5RB   ( Seriously?   A drug screen?   Aren’t we a little bit old for that now? )  I’m curious what they will find in my background.   Either I’m a total nobody!  ( My most likely outcome.)   Or I’m a secret spy that has carefully and deviously hidden the truth from everyone in the nation by posing as a self employed artist.  We shall see.  
Oh!  And in the mean time.   A clip of a song I have been obsessed with for the past several days.   “ Time after Time”    Clare Danes sings it for a movie I have never seen.   (Evening, I think is the name) but in my opinion,  she sings it the way it is meant to be sung.   All the great singers sing (Sinatra, Mathus, Garland, Whiting, Etc)  it as well, but they all put their own spin and art into the song….and that kind of messes it up for me.  Enjoy the simple voice of Clare Danes!

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