Saturday, March 8, 2014

The ACT End Equals a New Beginning

ACT_logo2The Project is over…..whew!  That was quick!    We actually like shortil_570xN_560214669_gxxx projects because they allow you to get your human fix and then go back to being a lazy BUM!  ( just kidding!)   We actually have quite a few projects on the burner as of late and are eager to get at them.  I need to start folding again to get stuff in my shop.  Cheryl has been working on her key rings and we need to find a place to sell those as well. il_570xN_560090636_548h  Much to do, and, rumor has it 3 MONTHS to do it!  Meaning…the next guestimate on a project is around June.   So…We had better get busy and have something to show for it at the end of that time.   Or get a crappy temp job to help us make it through the dry spell…we shall see…. 

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