Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beer Night with The Great Cheryl and Ethan Allen

From the title, you may be thinking "KEGGER!"   But really?   This is no Frat house, or Genther Pig roast.   Beer here is consumed based on taste and how well it goes with various foods, fruits and
Perhaps it happened sometime when I was in college.   One winter, my room mate at the time  and I would go purchase a 6 pack of some unusual beer and judge it based on its flavor and smoothness and NOT on how fast we could feel the effects.
 I guess this is the "maturity" adults want to instill in their kids as they grow up.   I'm not sure how it happened, but I have never been one to "abuse" alcohol in the typical college animal house fashion.
No matter about that,   This is about the cool pedigree of beer we have been finding at our local grocery.  This particular one registered a 99 in the scoring rank with a host of various flavors that the judges attached to it.   It is fun trying to find the "nutty" or "sour tangerine" flavors mingled with Peaches, caramel, and vanilla chocolate.   These are the flavors in the BEER!   Finding them and seeing how they can be called out with various fruits and cheeses are very exciting.   I guess because it adds a certain level of sophistication and romance to your evening.
 Who would NOT want to stay at home sampling unique IPA Beer with slivers of fruits, cheese and chocolates? 
We usually only have one beer each, But....if the beer is pretty good,  we may share an additional one. 
The beer we had this particular night was called Three Philosophers.   Cheryl, having a philosophy degree, just HAD to have that one.   It was one of the highest ranked beers on the shelves and also one of the most expensive!   But we are just sampling after all.   No need to purchase a 30 pack of Budweiser!
It was pretty good.  Not really the kind of beer you have with a meal.    You really need to just drink the beer alone or with various hors d'oeuvres.   There are way too many flavors going on to appreciate them while eating a full dinner. 

Other than that, I have been trying to fold a little bit every day and Cheryl has become obsessed with making the apartment livable once again.  Basically we are doing the spring cleaning early this year.  We have thrown out many of the old furnishings that we have been wanting to replace for some time now.   Our kitchen has always been a problem.   And now the bedroom has a better "Chi" flow so I don't trip over the foot of the bed anymore.  There are still a few things that need to be replaced and dealt with.  Namely:  the Cheap ( quality-wise) Behemoth of a dresser that is too big to fit in our bedroom but too small to accommodate all of our clothes!   Ikea has solutions to most of these problems, and Cheryl has been running around with tape measure in hand trying to solve them.  We shall see what Friday has to offer. 

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