Monday, March 24, 2014

Origami Africa! Again….sort of…

DSC_3950  Nothing like revisiting an old model DSC_3951 and refolding it just to see if you can remember the folds…..Or  better yet,  to see if you have improved at all over the first time you folded it.  Well,   Here are a couple of favorites…An Elephant from Robert Lang and A Rhino from David Brill.  

I actually think they turn out better and better each time I fold them.   I added them to the shop and perhaps it will unleash the creativity in me so i can fold a few other models I have been putting off for a while now.  Finding the Muse  to Fold is quite the challenge.  And…convincing one’s self to revisit a path already traveled for a different experience is sometimes a tough sell. DSC_3953 But there are always things you miss the first, second and even third time.     In fact,DSC_3985 I’ve always said and believed that you can’t really get the best results on a first time fold.   You have to fold something several times to become familiar with it enough to get the creases and shapes in the best form. 

Anyway, here they are:   One elephant and one Rhino.   Enjoy!

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