Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pre-colored Easter Eggs, Origami Pond Life, And Felt Doggie Keychain

 DSC_3654 So on a random Saturday, Cheryl and I decided to go to the Sycamore Mall here in Iowa City.  Lucky for us, we discovered that they had a small local farmers market going on and we just caught the tail end of it.   Among many things, they had the Organic Easter Eggs from the Easter Egg Chickens.    Sounds odd, right?  Well  here are the pictures!   I have read about these chickens that lay colored eggs and have actually seen the eggs from a co-worker.  But this is the first time I have had the opportunity to actually show Cheryl these eggs in person.   DSC_3646 She was so thriller that she forced us to buy them!  So here they are!   The guy said they stopped laying green ones and now mostly lay the pinkish and blue ones.  I guess turquoise is close to green… really depends on your color palette definitions. 

DSC_3643Other than that,  I have been folding.   I still need to fold a red set of Koi so Cheryl can take a picture and make my  business card.   I also have to take “good” pictures of these so I can list them online.   So much to do!  

Time really refuses to stand still when you have free time to actually do things.   it seems when we have free time,  there are a million things competing for it.  DSC_3636And rarely are they things we actually want to do.   Anyway…..

In addition to the Koi and frogs,  I have been working on a horse and dragon.   They usually sell pretty steady and I DSC_3650 have not listed any in the shop in a while.   ACT people put in their requests and I found that I actually missed folding these old familiar friends.  So why not list  few in the shop for old time’s sake?DSC_3639

Also, Cheryl has been working on Prototypes and trying to fill the order for the Northern Iowa Shop we found on our travels during the deadly blizzard a week ago. DSC_3641 one of her requests was a Chihuahua.  She asked me to take a picture of it so she would have it as a record in the event she ever is asked to make another one.DSC_3635  

So…that is about it!  Well, that and the neighbors are driving us crazy !   They are both ( I think there are two of them)   bachelors and tend to stay up too late, play music to loud, and drink too much.   noisy-neighborsThey seem reasonable…or at least capable of reason.  but I hate going up there to ask them to turn their music down…like…   EVERYDAY!     So,   we are contemplating our next move in that department.   The weekend is over so hopefully things will settle down to a low ROAR instead of a WARZONE.   And seriously!  Who has that many “friends”?   People come and go and it is like game day on Super bowl Sunday.  They play video games as if they are watching Monday night football with their entire paycheck riding on the results.  zca2 And indoor voice?  Forget it !   I’ve had Drill Sergeants in the Army yell at me in a softer voice.   Why the loud tone.  Ok this is becoming a rant on the neighbor.   I guess I’m still a little bitter over not getting any sleep Friday night.   ( or Saturday)   Perhaps this is a job for the Landlords… We shall see how it goes. 

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