Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Origami Beetles

DSC_4087I just finished and posted a couple of beetles on the shop.   insects are fun but I’m never very good at diversity.  I like butterflies and beetles mostly.  I just can’t seem to get other insets to turn out how I would like them.  Besides I have limited myself to cardstock for the time being, and there is only so much you can fold with that thick paper.DSC_4110 

But it is all good  I like folding them and I enjoy the random path many of them lead me down.  For instance, Today I attempted an origami mantis pattern from Michael Lafosse.   However the paper was too thick and I ended up with another insect that looks like a beetle.  I did a Bing search and decided that it looked the most like a 10 stripped June Bug.   Most of my insects don’t really look like anything specific anyway.  But I still want to show them off from time to time.  canstock9267371

In the mean time,  Cheryl and I will be trying a …Brace yourself!   Beer that scored 100!   That is 100!  One  Zero Zero!   Hundred!   Where is this utopian elixir from?   Comstock Michigan!   That is right,  from the  very state we fled and vowed never to go back.  ( well,  “vowed” is a little strong.   More like said we didn’t want to go back there, but we have been back there several times now.)  It is tough to stay away from a place when you have relatives living there.  

Anyway,  I’ll post my report on the “Mother of All Brews” after we sample it tonight.  For now, enjoy the pics of the Bugs! 

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