Sunday, August 3, 2014

Why I Think Origami Is A “Disorder”….

I used to joke about it at work,  that I have an Obsessive Compulsive disorder called Origami.  People laugh and brush it off,  but there are tiems I actually think it is a problem.   Well,   I guess we should define “problem”   I guess you could look at it as “treatment’ for the “Real Problem”  Of having to do thingss with your hands all the time.  I guess you could look at it as a positive channel of negative energy.  Whatever the terms you want to call it.  I find myself folding all the time.  and Not always in a good way.   Sometimes it makes me upset when I can’t fold anything presentable.   The folds just don’t work out.  Cheryl LOVES those days….As I’m like a fussy baby crying because he is just mad at the world.  But before I get to far off track…  Here is the reason for the post.  The Origami Hippopotamus!


I have wanted to fold one for a while and FINALLY found a design I liked enough to try.   It also looked simple enough for cardstock.   So….Let’s fold it up! DSC_5661 DSC_5662  


My first attempt:   Out of 12 inch cardstock. Wet Folded.  Kinda big and flimsy…..let’s try a smaller paper


Second attempt  8 inch cardstock.   Dry  folded.   The Head is a little “off”   being too narrow.   The body needs work.


Third Attempt:   8 inch Cardstock…Dry Folded with methylcellulose applied to the folds after the base has been folded.   The Body is too wide…but the head looks better.


4th Attempt.   8 Inch Cardstock.   Pre-Treated with Methylcellulose and allowed to dry almost completely before folding.  I’m getting closer.   By now I deviate from the pattern and add a few small pleat folds to give the legs more definition and shape


Last attempt:   Random 10 inch piece of  Wall Paper paper.   Found at a “remnants” part of the paper store.  I was not expecting much with this paper, but it is tear resistant and  flimsy compared to the cardstock.   Namely, It does not support it’s weight very well.

  DSC_5668 DSC_5669 DSC_5670

This one looks pretty good….and the entire process of this evolution took about three days!   I simply had to walk away from them and rethink what I would do for the next one.   I imagine most people would have either called it “good enough”  Or said I will never complete this.  But Not Me!   It has to be perfect and I won’t stop until I get there!  ( Yeah I wish!)   I hate it when I get this way.   I should be folding something up for the shop that will sell…..Instead I have been stuck in “Perfection Mode” for THREE DAYS!   Each one of these guys take a while to fold…even though they are simple.  And they drain a lot of my creativity mojo for the day.   So much so that I usually call it after I complete one.  

I still have some paper drying on my desk that I will try to fold up tomorrow.  We shall see how it turns out. 

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