Friday, August 22, 2014

Beer Sampling With Cheryl and Ethan

So, in our quest to try new things,  We found several beers to sample the other night and I thought I should try to blog about them…as I seem to have been lacking material for the blog lately.  DSC_6223


First beer…..The SOUR BEER.   And boy is it sour!   Ok  First thoughts.   Hard Apple Cider with Champagne bubbles.   The sour was almost on par with drinking vinegar!  At the very least it was palatable.  It might go well with food and from what I gather..that is pretty much its purpose.   The sour notes bring out the flavors in Brie and Fruit. We will have to see…however,  With so many  other beers,  better tasting beers,  and Less expensive beers out there….I’m willing to put that off for a while.


DSC_6225 Second beer.   Ommegang!   Scythe and sickle…..Think wheat beer..   The taste was a blessing after the sour ale.  Think of a dry goods store with raw dry wheat grain.   Got it?   Now  take a deep breathe and try to find the dry hint of the grain smell.   Now put that on your tongue with a hint of fermented bread dough.  It is a full body beer and scored high in its class.   You will enjoy this one. trust me!


 92f2da79f46bf628d9060a08528c8686 Last beer:   Wooden Nickel.   A local brew from Iowa.   This is a very cool beer in that it is brewed with German tradition and no added flavors.  Just yeast, barley sugar and hops.   And yet…This beer has a smoky maple taste.   Cheryl is now convinced we have to drink this with Pancakes or Waffles.  It went well with BLT’s this afternoon. logo It is the only beer we went out and purchased more of for further exploration.   The first things that went though my mind when drinking this was smoked jerky.  ( That is a compliment!)  Just a soft breezy note floating on your taste buds as you drink it.   No chewing,  No tearing, just sip after sip of that delicate smoky sweet  flavor .   I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try a interesting beer

And there you have it.   Beer night with three beers….We have a few others that are waiting in the fridge for sampling.   One beer I guess has a cult following that makes it rather rare.  We were “lucky” to get our hands on it.  I say “lucky” because either we will love it and want it again, only to never find it….Or it will be terrible and we will wonder what all the hoopla was about.   We shall see.  In the mean time   Some more Origami that I have been working on for the shop.  Enjoy!

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