Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh! Origami Where Art Thou?

Spiral An entire week and my origami shop is almost empty!   I have to get folding!  But I have been languishing on a certain project for several days and am about to abandon it.   Spirals…….Oh  how I loath them.  They fascinate me.  They infuriate me.  This is why I fold animals after all.   And even then,  when all of my folding energy has been zapped by the spirals,  do I fail to fold as I wish.  


But somehow I managed to fold a few things.   Here are some of the finished items.

DSC_5874 DSC_5879 DSC_5882 DSC_5883 DSC_5887

I also have been folding a few other things to fill in the vacancies of the shop   Enjoy!

DSC_5864 DSC_6078 DSC_6094 DSC_6103 DSC_6121 icm_fullxfull_44763530_3c3zv1o2th2c8ooscko0 il_570xN_625627374_2t9q

1 comment:

L. D. said...

The spiral is an amazing look. They really add the new to your work. It is fun to see how they all turn out.


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