Saturday, October 4, 2014

Claymore MANGA Final. All good things must end….

claymore_378_1024   And so it goes that my favorite manga is over.  I read it last night and felt that emotional tug several times.   Not only because the story is finally over.   claymore-152-englishAt least this small part of the Claymore’s lives.  But also the reunions, the farewells, and the final mysteries revealed….in yet another reunion.   If this all sounds vague…that is intentional.  I would hate to ruin the ending for anyone who is reading this before reading the final chapter.  

a04feba9d896273e96d51f1c0facdd99I would offer a link to an online source…but my past links are all dead now and I’m sure any link I would set up would eventually lead nowhere after a few months.   best to just do a Bing or Google search to find the manga.   There are several web sites that offer  the English translation. 


In other news.   Cheryl has been offered a Pearson job as  temporary supervisor that started Last Thursday!   She will be showing up on Monday as she did not get the job offer until Friday evening….Go figure.   Hopefully she can show up and work while keeping the stockings supplied.  As for me…Well there is always Origami.  My Degree does not lend itself to much of the Pearson testing portfolio.  With a little luck, I may get on an English gig in the Spring.   But there are plenty of things I can give my time to at the moment.   So enjoy the latest Origami

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