Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dragons, Elephants, And The Joys of Old Apartments.

moldbehindtoillet For the last few days,  Cheryl and I have been dealing with a leaky pipe by behind our toilet.   wrong_tool_for_the_job_by_raresdk-d35viqjAh!  The Joy!   I’m not sure when it started, but we noticed it a few days ago, and contacted the Landlords when it finally got out of hand.  Towels, buckets and tightening the joints was not going to stop this leak.   So they finally came today and it took only a few minutes to replace the spigot.   Easy!   With the right tools…anything is easy! get-the-right-tool-demotivational-poster-1220997384    Unfortunately,  I got rid of most of my tools on the move to Iowa and have not bothered to replace them.  Which means I have much more closet and storage space now that I do not have a bazillion useless tools lying around cluttering things up.  IMG_0743 The bad side is i can’t take care of something as easy as replacing a spigot behind a toilet.   Ah well,   That is why we rent right?   So that someone else has to deal with daily household repairs. 

DSC_7227 DSC_7265 In the mean time,   Between  embroidering names and sewing on buttons,  I have been working on a few origami models to keep the shop up.   The large order I posted last time was purchased by the person I set it up for.  YEAH!   I love it when people buy my stuff.   Hopefully, these latest additions will spark some curiosity for later sales.   We shall see.   In the mean time…enjoy the pics!

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