Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Origami and Stocking pick up

DSC_7357    Just a quick post about the latest origami projects going on.  DSC_7365I have had a few requests for some additional koi, so I decided to show them off here as well…DSC_7373


And then there is the Foil paper.   i have had this stuff lying around for well over a year now and thought that maybe I would mess around with it again.   I forgot how difficult it is to make good foil backed paper.   Especially since Cheryl refuses to help me anymore.  However,DSC_7344  the results are sometimes impressive.


I just folded up a couple of dragons with the paper.  Nothing too fancy,  but the foil does allow more sculpting than the cardstock.   The bad thing is that is usually looks crumply or cheap.   And it does not hold it’s shape the same way the cardstock does.  however, it is still fun to play with and see how far I can push the paper.   I also made a sample of foil backed banana paper.   I’m eager to see how that turns out. DSC_7354

il_570xN_673807353_ff3w  In the end,  I just made this little dragon out of a 12 inch square.  If time allows, I’ll try to make something larger.  In the mean time,  Stocking orders are picking up with many many custom dogs and cats…..Wit names!  This is good because Cheryl has been riding a roller coaster between  il_570xN_674240246_hf1q“too many custom requests” and “not enough orders”   Hopefully, as the sales pick up,  she’ll quit losing her sanity and we’ll be able to focus on the fun part of the Christmas ride!  We shall see

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