Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Frogs, Shells, and Casseroles.

DSC_7194     My latest origami has been a rehash of previous models.  DSC_7189 Starfish, frogs, and shells.   I have been working on some other things,  namely an elephant and another dragon.   But stockings are picking up and it is about time to get back in to “production Mode”!  DSC_7154 This time of year is always a little turbulent as the money always seems to DSC_7170be too little and the stocking sales are slow, but  “almost” to the point where they require full attention.   Ah well…..We can only do our best. DSC_7173


In the mean time,   With all this “free time” available,   we have been experimenting with Casseroles of various types.    Cheryl's new book “Bake Until Bubbly”  3682fc9aafe00108cdf4a54eb4955628 Has a bunch of recipes but very few pictures.   I’m not sure I like cookbooks like that.   You have to have a picture to either “sell the dish”  or at least let you know what it is supposed to look like when finished.  I also don’t like  recipe books that have ONLY pictures and no “how too” part.   You have to tell people the process a little. 

Bottom line is:  I have the basics of casseroles down.  It is not as complicated as the writer of said book would have you believe.   AND I see why every housewife from the ‘50’s to the present seems to like casseroles. Italian Chicken Proscuitto Casserole They are a DEAD simple and a great way to use up left over's from a previous meal.   Basically  add all said leftovers into a large casserole dish.   Add in your favorite creamy soup ( provided one of the previous meals was NOT a creamy soup) any frozen or fresh vegetables….spices,  or sauces to taste.  Cover with Cheese and/ or any bread crumbs, potato chips, or bacon bits.   Bake at 350 degrees until the top bubbles.   DONE!   Easy Cheesy!th

I know there are the “chefs” out there that insist it is NOT a mish mash way to recycle old food.   Or a “tricky” way to fool kids into eating healthy vegetables.   There is probably nothing “healthy” about this method of cooking.  It is filled with Carbs and Fat!   But it is a very tasty and satisfying way to experiment if you are in control of the ingredients.   and you don’t mind eating this stuff for the next several days. 

full_sweet-potato-breakfast-casserole_0w55H5o4bCk2f I have to say,  Having creative control over what goes into these “slop buckets” is the make or break for me.   For instance:  I like CHICKEN in my chicken and rice.   The CHICKEN is the best part.  And I don’t feel like I have to hold back because it will “ruin the balance of the dish” or because “chicken is too expensive to buy for a family of 4 on your Dad’s salary.” 

Well,  It all worked out for me somehow.  Even with Mom at the Helm in the “Tempest of Casserole cooking” .  As I write this, Cheryl informs me that her “sweet potato and ham casserole” is up in one minute.   Make that 10 seconds…Better sign off and I get all the ham at the bottom.  YUM! 

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