Friday, October 17, 2014

More Dragons for October

DSC_7080    DSC_7105 Some origami dragons.    I figured I have to add something to my  log eventually. even if it is just pictures of the latest Origami.  In the mean time:   Stockings are barely beginning to pick up and I have been offered several commissions on more origami in the coming months.  we shall see how it all turns out.   But ultimately it makes for a slow blogging process as I find that what little time I have to myself, I end up playing video games and watching Anime.   Ah, such is the life of the typical American.

So enjoy the pics and perhaps I will have something cool to show in the coming weeks.   Or maybe I will be “complaining” that Sales are keeping me from my blog….(wouldn’t that be cool!)  We shall see.

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