Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dragons and Goldfish, Hedge Balls and Buckeyes.

    DSC_6966Just a quick post on the latest origami.   Another Dragon and One Large Goldfish.  DSC_6979 I like the goldfish as I was playing around with paper and just stumbled upon it.  I guess I could say it is my very own creation, but it is most likely I simply reinvented the wheel as someone else has probably folded a similar one in the past.   No worries!   I was not about to publish it in some origami journal anyway. 

DSC_6989As for the Dragon….Well I must say I think I am getting better at these guys.   I guess there is a lot to say about taking time off and devoting the right amount of folding time to get the best results.  DSC_7002 I am very fond of the head in particular.   Anyway, it is listed in the shop and the camera does not do it the justice it deserves.

  hedge-ball_webAs for the local things.   Today we found a peculiar object and the neighbor lady was nice enough to tell us what it is.   A Hedge ball!   I have never heard of these things.   I guess they are good for keeping out mice and spiders.  They smell rather pleasant although I can’t fully nail down the smell.  2230095_8939af80c1 I am reminded of a time when I used furniture polish to treat wood back in the carving days.   A hint of lemon with ammonia…or so Cheryl says.   I would think some type of cleaning agent anyway.   The Lady said that they are very sticky on the inside, similar to pine sap.  It is a pain to get out of clothes. 

I’m not sure why it was where it was.   I don’t know if there is a tree around that dropped it.   I DO know that the chestnut tree has been dropping the pods quite a   bit lately.  SlideshowChestnut I find these things very cool as they have a deep rich brown color and a oiled leather feel to the outside.  I’m still not brave enough to eat one.   They say that they are are bitter…Aesculus_hippocastanum_fruit

Bitter or not,  the squirrels like them!   So much so that they plant them all around everyone else's’ yard.  That might not sound like a big deal anywhere else, but here in Iowa…folks are very protective of their yards.  They SHOULD blame the squirrels, but they end up holding the tree owner responsible.  Hurray for the small town atmosphere.   So enjoy the pics and maybe someone will fill me in more on these “buckeye chestnuts” and the Hedge Ball.  Have a good one!

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