Thursday, March 5, 2015

Latest Paper Towel Origami

Origami Elk? Just a quick post on the latest foldings.   Mostly they are the paper towel items, but I have a couple of foil models along with a rectangle cardstock model.   See if you can guess which one.

  The weather has been very cold lately…but it is supposed to warm up rapidly over the next few days….hopefully it is true.  last time they predicted a warm spell…it rained …they froze!   It was total Ice Skating that day….and it took several days for the sidewalks to clear…there are still several places where the ice is like glass.



ice skating anyone?


Hope everyone is having a great week so far.   Cheryl and I have been watching videos by the Ginger Runner.    He is a guy who podcasts about running gear and runs marathons and ultras.  Ginger RunnerThey are short  you tube films that are quite entertaining.    

Check out his Blog/website/ YouTube channel here:

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