Monday, March 2, 2015

Wrestling with Pigs!

DSC_8864Origami ones that is.  After the paper towel version,  I decided to add another piglet to my shop.   My first attempt with cardstock was disappointing. 


So I tried again…this is usually pretty easy….But again….I was not happy with the finished model.DSC_8881


I theorized that I’m missing something when I set it up to dry…and that there is one part of the head that is causing all the trouble.    So I folded it my way…and finally got one to turn out. DSC_8902   


It might not be exactly like the previous version I folded…but I  like it and put it in the shop.   I also added a lizard and have been trying my luck with perfecting some ducks.   I’m not sure about the duck yet….but I think they show promise.    Enjoy the pics

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