Monday, March 16, 2015

When Waffles Go Right!

DSC_9099 Today, I made the waffles.   That is really not saying much.   I added vanilla and made sure the batter was of a viscosity that would allow the batter to spread out evenly.   DSC_9102Cheryl stuck to her strawberry sauce and added bananas to the mix.  DSC_9100 They looked ( and tasted) pretty good….Well,  As good as any waffle could taste.   I did not have any nuts to add to mine,DSC_9103 but settled for the traditional  maple syrup instead.  

It was a pretty nice day today  I guess it was pretty miserable in L.A. During their marathon.  No records were broken during the 90+ degree temperature. But here in Iowa, although warm,  was just pleasant.

th2TQAW29M So today I was busy doing various errands around the house.   Well, “house” meaning home here in Wellman.   Mostly it had to do with the Subie.   The Subie needed an Oil Change….so I did it.   The only thing to say about that is that it seems to get easier with the warmer temps. 


lowgaslight Then I finally replaced the Dash light that was behind the fuel gauge.   It took a bit of maneuvering, but I replaced it and cant wait to see if it is working properly.  You see….I can’t tell in the middle of the sunny day.  I need the darkness of night to show me if the dash is once again illuminated. 


3_318 Then I added  a water bottle to the bike and oiled the chain with the left over motor oil from the Subaru.  I also noticed that the rear tire of the bike is out of alignment.   A quick search on You Tube shows that it is fairly simple to fix….with a spoke wrench…which I do not have.   So I guess that task will have to wait until tomorrow as I do not want to damage the spokes with a needle nose pliers.

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